Marshall Swindall

WAHS   I have been at WAHS since the beginning in 2000. I teach CP, Honors and AP Government. I also teach a one semester class on the Holocaust. Through the Holocaust class I sponsor a yearly educational field trip to Washington, DC.

  Graduated from Charleston Southern University BS, BA, MAT Social Studies and the Citadel MA history.  I am also an adjunct professor of History at CSU for 15 years.

  AP Reader for AP U. S. Government for 5 years.

 I am the senior class sponsor and coordinate graduation ceremonies. I have been responsible for every graduation at WAHS.

Contact Information

 (843) 573-1201 ext. 29089
Room #:
 Room 411
 Office Hours:
 Available from 2:15 until 3:00 everyday

Courses Taught

1st Semester Fall 2017
1st Period  Planning
2nd Period  Honors Government
3rd Period Holocaust
4th Period  Holocaust
2nd Semester  Spring 2018
1st Period  Planning
2nd Period  AP Government A/B
3rd Period  Honors Government
4th Period  CP Government

Additional Information