Jacqueline Green

WAHS Hello,
I'm Mrs. Jacqueline Green.  I have been with West Ashley high school since the school term 2005-2006. I serve exceptional needs students with learning disabilities in English and/or math in an inclusive setting as well as a resource pull-out.

In the resource class, students are given the opportunity to work on remediation skills in English and math and transition skills.Students are also provided tutorial assistance on their general education assignments.

During this school term, I co-teach along with Mrs. Pat Kotila (geometry concepts) and Grant Norell( geometry concepts).

Contact Information

 (843) 573-1201 ext. 1432
Room #:
 Room 432
 Office Hours:
 10:25- 12:40

Courses Taught

1st Semester
1st Period Probability & Statistics Inclusion
 Room 218           
2nd Period  General Resource
3rd Period  Planning
Room 432
4th Period  Geometry Concepts Inclusion
Room 232
2nd Semester  
1st Period  Probability & Statistics Inclusion
2nd Period  General Resource
Room 432
3rd Period  Planning
Room 432
4th Period  Geometry Concepts Inclusion
Room 224

Additional Information