French IV

Bienvenue à la classe de français IV

Bienvenue à la claspicturese de français IV, un cours qui vous preparera pour un cours universitaire. The point of this course is for a student to extend his/her knowledge of French to prepare them for a college level course. To put it more precisely, the ultimate goal is for students to test into a fourth semester French class at the college or university he/she wishes to attend. For example, those who wish to attend the College of Charleston would test into the 202 level. A student wishing to pass the course will have to be motivated in wanting to learn the language and have to do extensive outside work and study. It is the responsibility of the instructor to breakdown the information and assign appropriate material for success; nevertheless,the student must understand his/her obligation to attempt and understand the material tpictureo his/her optimal ability for a good grade. Comprehension of the material is the student’s responsibility. Remember that to better prepare these students for university studies they must learn to become more independent learners. There will be times where the student will need extra instructional help. If a student wishes to meet with the instructor, an appointment can be made.


Syllabus: Course Syllabus for French IV Honors

Course Planner: 2012 Fall Semester Calendar French IV.docx