CATS Program

CATS is a computer based program designed for students to gain or recover credit in their core classes (Math, Science, English, and Social Studies).  The program, Edgenuity, is used alongside our certified teachers from each of the core subjects to offer them an opportunity to earn initial credit, recover credit from a class failed, or as a means to recover a specific quarter within the core subjects. Listed below are three different opportunities that qualifying students can take part in.

CATS Midterm Remediation:

Description: Midterm Remediation is designed for students who failed the first half of their semester core class (Quarter 1) in one of their currently enrolled core subject classes. Midterm Remediation will provide students the opportunity to replace that failing grade with a 70%. Using Edgenuity, the students will cover the same standards taught in the classroom during the 1st or 3rd quarter.  With the additional assistance from our core subject teachers, students will be provided with additional remediation to ensure that subject matter is understood.

Requirements: To qualify for Midterm Remediation, the student’s quarter grade must be between a 50 - 69%.  Students will have an opportunity to make up that failing grade over a 3 - 5 (if necessary) week time period after school. 

CATS Credit Recovery:

Description: Credit Recovery is designed to give students an opportunity to recover credit for a class which they have already failed.  Students will use the Edgenuity program with assistance from core area teachers to repeat a modified version of the class in which they wish to recover.

Requirements: To qualify for Credit Recovery, students must have made a grade between 61 - 69%.  Students who fall short of the required 61% will have to either take the class over in the classroom or sign up for CATS Initial Credit. (See information below.)

CATS Initial Credit:

Description: Initial Credit is designed for students who wish to take a course for the first time.  Initial Credit classes through Edgenuity will cover the same standards required in the regular classroom and will require the students to complete ALL written assignments.  Students will be graded in the same manner as their peers in the regular education classroom. Course work and tests count for 80% and the final exam will count for 20% of the final grade. Students who have failed with 60% or below may enroll in Initial Credit.

Requirements: Meet with your counselor to see if there are any classes offered through Edgenuity that could benefit you—reasons may include catching up to a grade level or if you are transferring in from another school.