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What Is A Completer?

A completer is a Career and Technology Education student who has a declared CTE Career Major and must satisfy the requirements by taking four courses within that major. An Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) must be completed and signed by the student, parent, and guidance counselor. Please see your guidance counselor for details. A senior who has satisfied the requirements in the CTE Career Major will be awarded a completer certification and honor cord to be worn at the graduation ceremony. Please read the following brief descriptions about each career major to learn more.


DdsadThe Accounting major is designed to help students develop the skills necessary for the highly technical interaction between accounting and business, to develop an understanding of the steps of the accounting cycle as applied to several different kinds of business operations, and to develop an understanding of accounting concepts, principles, practices, subsystems, and internal control procedures. The students develop an understanding of various methods in using subsidiary ledgers, in preparing financial statements, and in performing end-of-period procedures. Use of the computer in simulated activities gives the students an opportunity to see the advantages of technology in accounting procedures. Accounting provides students with entry-level skills in the accounting profession and/or a foundation for continued study in accounting or a related business field.

Behavioral & Social Sciences


In the Social and Behavioral Sciences major you will gain knowledge and skills that are necessary to solving many of the world's most pressing social problems. The 21st century global society presents a complex picture of human conditions that can be examined politically, economically, culturally, historically, socially, technologically and behaviorally.

Business Information Management

dsaDBusiness, management, and administrative workers give the support needed to make a business run. You might check employee time records or train new employees. Or, you might work as a top executive and provide the overall direction for a company or department. For example, you might manage the financial activities of a business, direct the public to specific people or departments, or record incoming and outgoing shipments.

Culinary Arts

dafsCulinary Arts is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills needed in a professional kitchen. These skills include kitchen safety and sanitation following ServSafe guidelines, food handling, and storage techniques, and equipment operation and care. Basic knowledge taught will explore the role of nutrition in our diet; identify customer service duties and the concept of work ethics. More advanced culinary preparations, management skills, menu planning including the costing out of recipes and calculation food cost percentages are also covered. The National Restaurant Association's Level 1 and Level 2 Prostart curriculum may also be covered in this program. It's a two-year industry based curriculum that prepares high school students for careers in the restaurant and food storage industry. Students gain valuable restaurant and food service skills through their academic and workplace experiences.

General Management

sdGeneral Management focuses on careers that plan, organize, direct, and evaluate all or part of a business organization through the allocation and use of financial, human, and material resources. This career major offers students the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge needed to manage departments and organizations, start their own business or advance within a career. Management is a foundation for future careers in the areas of human resource management, management information systems, operations management, or general management.  Students trained in management help businesses and societies accomplish their goals.

Health Science


The Health Science program focuses on therapeutic, diagnostic, health informatics, support services, and biotechnology research and development pathways of a health science career cluster. This program is designed to develop healthcare specific knowledge and skills, both academic and technical, necessary for transition to clinical or work-based experiences in healthcare. The foundational standards incorporate anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, communication, healthcare systems and teams, health science career research, legal and ethical practice, safety, health and wellness, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid, disease, therapies and care rehabilitation, prevention, systems theory, legal standards, ethical and safety practices, advance technical skills, and information technology applications. Guiding students to make connections from the classroom to the healthcare industry occur through job shadowing, clinical rotation, internship, and/or cooperative education.

Marketing Communications

fThe Marketing Communications major prepares students for careers in areas such as advertising, sales promotions, and market research. Through a sequence of courses students will learn the marketing functions of selling, promotion, and distribution. Students will also be introduced to the concepts of advertising including budget development, media selection, design, and the preparation of ads for various media.

Marketing Management


The Marketing Management major prepares students to create policies and direct the operations of businesses. Through a sequence of courses students will gain knowledge on economic, marketing, and business fundamentals. Students will examine the functions of marketing including selling, promotion, and distribution. Career options associated with this major include entrepreneur, franchise and small business owner. 


fffMechatronics is a new interdisciplinary field involving mechanical, instrumentation, electronics, robotics/automation, computer components, and control systems. This program prepares students who like to work with their hands as well as their minds. Mechatronics is a dynamic field that changes daily with the rapid improvements in technology and computer systems.



The Merchandising major focuses on all aspects of getting products into the hands of the consumer. Students will receive instruction on brand and consumer research, trend forecasting, product planning and evaluation, purchasing principles, product displays, selling goods, and negotiation skills.

Nail Technology

Human ServicesThe Nail Technology program is designed to prepare students to take the national certification exam. Nail Technology students receive training in the art and science of the care and beautification of nails. The course of study includes instruction in diseases and disorders, chemistry, biology, and anatomy and physiology of the arms, hands, and feet. Manicures, pedicures, tips, sculptures, and wraps are incorporated by means of theory and practical application on both mannequins and live models. Also included in the course of study is salon planning and management.



The pre-engineering program provides students with in-depth, hands-on knowledge of engineering and technology-based careers. Students begin this program by completing three foundation courses: Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, and Digital Electronics. Upon completion of the foundation courses, students may complete specialized courses such as Aerospace Technology, Biotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture, and Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

Programming & Software

iThis course of study is designed to emphasize the fundamentals of computer programming. Topics include computer software, program design and development, and practical experience in programming, using modern, object-oriented languages. There are many types of jobs at all levels.

Sports & Medicine


The study of sports medicine and sports science involves applying medical and scientific principles to sports, exercise, and the ability of the body to perform physically. These two fields are broad and can lead to many different educational and career opportunities. Exercise and sports science is the scientific study of physiology and biomechanics in relation to the ability of the human body to adapt to motion, movement, and physical activity. 

Web and Digital Communications

iStudents majoring in Web and Digital Communications learn how to combine words, art, and technology to communicate with an audience. Courses in this major use the latest software to produce engaging images and interfaces for interactive products, web sites and computer games.


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