Assignments / Notes
Week of August 18-21:
Welcome to Course
Whole group discussion on summer reading selections
Completion of quick write assignment- Hero in Literature: Defend or Refute "hero" or "villian" with textual support
Practice AP Multiple Choice Exam

Continue discussing summer reading selections
Completion of Critical Response Writing assignment
Vocabulary study of key terms in literature

For Wednesday 8/19
Be prepared to discuss vocabulary assignment #1
We will review answers to multiple choice practice test.
Reflect on quick write assignment from Monday and develop strategies to improve timed writing skills.

August 21-September 4
Students have been busy in AP English Literature!
We have complete the following assessments on the summer reading selections: Timed Essay- Writing Prompt from previous AP exam, Passage Analysis, evaluating literary criticisms for the research based essay.

In addition, vocabulary  units 1-2 have been studied and assessed.

September 9-18th
1.Our literary study have been on Oedipus Rex and Antigone
2. Students have submitted an analytical essay from Oedipus Rex and a timed writing.
3. In addition, students have been submitting various components to the research based essay: thesis/outline, literary criticisms, rough draft, works cited page.

September 21-25
1. We will be studying the Anglo-Saxon unit with an emphasis on the epic poem--Beowulf, elegies, and ballads.
2. Students will be composing original ballads and writing more analytical compositions.
3. Vocabulary quiz#3 will be Monday 9/21
4. Final draft of research paper due Friday 9/25