Assignments / Notes
Welcome Students and Parents to Honors English IV.

Assignments and Due Dates
Week of 8/18/2015-
Signed Parent Letter and Completed Learning Inventory
Study notes on Wuthering Heights from Monday's class
Summer Reading Assessment #1- Missing Chapter Assignment from Wuthering Heights (see attachment) due- 8/21/2015
Class discussion on Wuthering Heights Tuesday-Wednesday
Vocabulary unit 1 word study-Thursday

Tuesday's class:
Continued with class discussion of Wuthering Heights
Reading quiz on the novel
Analysis of characters and their roles and conflicts- Quotation Identification handout (to be completed for homework if it wasn't finished during class time)
Continue to study Wuthering Heights and review notes daily

Due Dates:
Friday, August 20th --Missing Chapter writing assignment (Wuthering Heights)
August 24th- 26th- Class discussion on Death of a Salesman
Voc 1 quiz on Thursday August 27th
Novel test Friday August 28th

August 26th- September 18
We have been busy in Honors English IV. Students have been working on and have submitted their first Argumentative Essay; studying the Anglo-Saxon unit with emphasis on an epic and elegies as well as writing an original elegy; vocabulary units 1-3 have been completed; students have submitted phase 1 of the College/Career Portfolio Assignments where they had to submit their high school resume, a resume for Beowulf-- character from the epic poem, scholarship essay and completed scholarship application, letters of recommendation, and a thank you letter.  All of which address college and career readiness skills.

Looking ahead in September (week of 21-25)
1. Students are study Medieval Age Notes and Pilgrim Worksheet.
2. Students will be reading from "The Prologue" to The Canterbury Tales along with "The Pardoner's Tale--homework for Monday 9/21--"The Wife of Bath's Tale," "Sir Gawain," and "Darthur".  All of these are literature selections from the Medieval Age.
3. Students will begin working on an "original tale" to be included in Chaucer's "Prologue" and an analytical essay from the Medieval Period.
4. Cumulative Voc test (units 1-3 will be Tuesday, 9/22).
5. Unit 4 voc words/definitions will be introduced Wednesday.

Students should study daily the reading selections and notes shared during each class meeting.  Remember tutoring in now available every Tuesday and Thursday in room 106.