Summer Reading 2019-20 *New
Please purchase copies of our two summer reading books and complete the assignments for the first day of school. Assignments are in the link below and some are due before class even starts! Summer Reading is 10% of your grade and students that excel in their Summer Reading assignments often go on to earn an A in the course.

Summer Reading Books and Assignments:
1984 by George Orwell
Grit by Angela Duckworth

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Summer Reading 2019-20 

Link coming soon!

English 101 and 102 textbooks are available new and used from the Trident Bookstore in North Charleston. They have used copies but don't wait until August! I would recommend calling first to check hours operation:
The textbooks are available elsewhere and may even be rented. Please do not choose a kindle/ebook version.

Textbooks for Dual Credit English:
English 101: World Views: Classic and Contemporary Readings 8th Edition for TTC.  Eds. Roger West et al. (Pearson)

English 102: The Norton Introduction to Literature: Shorter 12th Edition.  Ed. Kelly J. Mays (Norton)